Is the space open right now? - Unknown

Umeå Hackerspace's open status is unknown due to no internets.

Normal opening hours are:

The above opening hours are aspirational! Check the open status indicator here on the website before dropping by (2024-06-11: We currently don't have any internet in the space, which means our fancy open sign can't synchronize with the website. This will be fixed soon-ish), since it's not guaranteed that anyone has arrived yet. Or just ask on IRC/XMPP.

There is a semi-frequently updated schedule with planned activities here: öppetschema.

We are also listed on spaceapi, which has phone apps available. Just search for "spaceapi" wherever you get your apps, install any one you like, then search for "Umeå Hackerspace".


OpenLase and first Mifare steps

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By mmn

Last night we had a great hacking evening with lasers and security-related wireless transmissions. What more can one ask for?

OpenLase is a sort-of framework with several stand-alone tools which are combined to produce real-time laser graphics with hobbyist-grade components. One of Grill-bit's hackers hast started fiddling with this, getting …

Grillbit skickar delegation till CCC 2010

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By mmn

[caption id="attachment_157" align="alignright" width="260" caption="Chaos Communication Congress opens doors"][/caption]

Umeå Hackerspace skickar en delegation till Chaos Communication Congress, 27-30 december. Kongressen är en mötesplats för den internationella hackerscenen. På plats kommer de att ansluta till andra nätaktivister från "oorganisationen" Telecomix, som verkar för ett öppet …

Hacking the SMS bus tickets in Umeå

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By mmn

[caption id="attachment_150" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Another sample ticket. Don't bother writing it down, it's in the table below."][/caption]

We're currently trying to reverse engineer the codes for our local bus SMS tickets. There's some information in Swedish at MMN-o's blog (raw data, number description). Here's a …

A case of the bad capacitor

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By mmn

When doing your dumpster diving tours/raids, it's not unusual to find monitors lying around. Fortunately enough those huge old CRTs are mostly long gone as people want to use their desktop space to store other meaningless crap such as papers and forgotten bits of food. And coffee mugs. So …

Kakbak och svetstransformator

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By jitio

Baka grinig pepparkakskaka samt halvgräddad citronkaka som mekfika:


Lite dödssvetsning med en svetstransformator som är alldelens för stark för spacets elförsörjning som numera är delvis ur funktion:

Cykelverkstad i Spacet

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By jitio

Fixande av cykel som rostar bort.

Cykel i Spacet. Mycket smidigt.

Cykel i Spacet

Litet hål som vuxit sig stort och rostigt och mycket manligt. Samt den lilla fräscha ersättaren.

Det fanns även tid över för att montera fast förgreningsdosan fint i bordet så man slipper leta den och böka med dess kabel …


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By jitio

Spacets funktionsgenerator får ny nätkabel och allmän inspektion.

Gedigen sak med lagom långt mellan komponenterna:


Stämningsfullt och vackert:

Glödande rör

Tesla test

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By knegge

Två kvällar, två tesla.
Tisdagkvällen ägnades åt båda coilarna, den enda som genererade något var Frink's.
Onsdagkvällen fick kng's en revansh om än en blygsam sådan.
Lite bilder och filmer såklart, annars har det ju inte hänt :P

Sen tre filmklipp från kng's coil:

[youtube 6AItC9xhiQQ]
[youtube -Zp7YsRezqY]
[youtube WdyTKrrmj3g …

Fungerande punktsvets

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By knegge

Nu har vi fått punktsvetsen att funka!
Medelst mikrotrafo och två varv med 2 parallella kablar 7.5mm i diameter samt provisoriska elektroder så fick vi faktiskt till riktigt hållbara svetsfogar.


Prova att mäta kortslutningsström (1650A):

Grilla random skruv och ölburk:
Grilla ölburk

Första svetsningen:

Great success :D

Liten skapelse:

Lite kaosande natten mot lördag

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By knegge

Filmbevis på galenskaperna... borde haft bättre kamera dock.

[youtube Rv5FjpjFURQ]

[youtube Ci9-pscfb4k]

[youtube X8GbAWYB0l8]

[youtube Xj4DXjJCwDE]

Grill-bit closing in on a space

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By mmn

The local organisation Umeå Teknikresurs has had luck in finding a very good apartment [.se] to rent. The chances are good that it's available on April 1st 2010.

Umeå Teknikresurs is open to having a hackerspace in the same apartment, considering the similar interests in technical equipment and possible experience …


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By mmn

Develop software in the hackerspace. We'll have a coffee machine, so supply it with coffee and then write some code.

We suggest you license your code under a free software license, or public domain. Proprietary software is frowned upon unless it's for reverse engineering.

Grill-bit, Umeå's Hackerspace-to-be

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By mmn

Hackerspaces are getting more and more common. Sweden's most well-known hackerspace, Forskningsavdelningen, has recently inspired people in Umeå, Sweden, to finally kick it off. People have come together, plans have been made, good spaces have been looked for and domains have been registered.

The idea behind a hackerspace is that …