Is the space open right now?

Umeå Hackerspace is closed.

Normal opening hours are:

Remember to check the open status indicator here on the website before dropping by, since it's not guaranteed that anyone has arrived yet. Or just ask on IRC/XMPP.

We are also listed on spaceapi, which has phone apps available. Just search for "spaceapi" wherever you get your apps, install any one you like, then search for "Umeå Hackerspace".

Articles tagged with Music

  1. Tack för Sommaren!

    I vanliga fall så dör verksamheten ned under sommaren i Umeå. Alla studenter åker tillbaka till sina hemorter och resten av befolkningen sitter i en stuga någonstans. Men i år valde vi att ta upp striden med sommartristessen och ha verksamheter för barn och unga med hjälp av sommarbidraget från …

  2. Fixing a Casio PT-1 keyboard

    By mmn

    Ever plugged in too much power into your electronic equipment? Or for some other reason seen smoke come out of it? A friend of Umeå Hackerspace had a Casio PT-1 that he apparently had tried to use with a bit too much power in the supply. Fortunately he hadn't caused …

  3. 555 Class-D Amplifier

    By frink

    A Class-D amplifier made with a LM324 Op-amp, a 555 timer and a N-channel FET.

    I have no idea how something this simple and cheap can sound so good, and even without any kind of filter.

    Time to test out som unconventional "speakers …

  4. Arduino Theremin

    By frink

    Arduinos are truly universal, this one is playing some fine music, almost makes you feel like dancing, doesn't it?

    Used code and schematic from this site: