Is the space open right now?

Umeå Hackerspace is closed.

Normal opening hours are:

Remember to check the open status indicator here on the website before dropping by, since it's not guaranteed that anyone has arrived yet. Or just ask on IRC/XMPP.

We are also listed on spaceapi, which has phone apps available. Just search for "spaceapi" wherever you get your apps, install any one you like, then search for "Umeå Hackerspace".

Articles tagged with Mifare

  1. Ny busskortteknik i Västerbotten

    [caption id="attachment_422" align="alignright" width="300"]"Nu införs ett nytt och säkrare betalsystem på våra bussar." "Nu införs ett nytt och säkrare betalsystem på våra bussar."[/caption]

    Umeå kommun och andra kommuner i Västerbotten har i dagarna (sedan 11 mars 2013) ett nytt tekniskt system för busskort och betalningar inom kollektivtrafiken. Detta system lovar Länstrafiken i Västerbotten att det …

  2. OpenLase and first Mifare steps

    By mmn

    Last night we had a great hacking evening with lasers and security-related wireless transmissions. What more can one ask for?

    OpenLase is a sort-of framework with several stand-alone tools which are combined to produce real-time laser graphics with hobbyist-grade components. One of Grill-bit's hackers hast started fiddling with this, getting …