Cleaning in progress

Now that the pandemic is effectively over (or is it?) members have been returning to the space and noticed that lots of stuff has mysteriously accumulated over the last couple of years. Mostly in the form of cardboard moving boxes containing mysterious things. Luckily some members have been picking up their surplus things, and we are quickly reclaiming the lands of Umehack from the barbaric hordes of clutter!

The idea to re-introduce plastic tubs for people's projects has been floated, to be stored on appropriate shelves. This way we can keep all surfaces clean. Any stray items that do not belong go in the "out" box to be thrown out after a sufficient grace period has passed.

We have in mind to participate in International Open Hackerspace Day 2023 on Saturday March 25th, and for this we want at least the common area to be presentable. There is also an idea to run a flea shop during the open day to get rid of some larger items like surplus screens that we have lots and lots of. More on this in a future post.