Grill-bit, Umeå's Hackerspace-to-be

Hackerspaces are getting more and more common. Sweden's most well-known hackerspace, Forskningsavdelningen, has recently inspired people in Umeå, Sweden, to finally kick it off. People have come together, plans have been made, good spaces have been looked for and domains have been registered.

The idea behind a hackerspace is that people who are interested in how things work can meet others who are like-minded. The art of hacking is not restricted to computer software and hardware, but may very well be compared to generic problem solving. Hacking is often thought to be illegal or "underground" due to a common misreference to cracking, but in actuality hacking is merely an appropriate application of ingenuity.

We wish to introduce you to Grill-bit, Umeå's hackerspace-to-be. The last pieces of the puzzle, though one being the tough "which space to use", are being put together. The people behind it are hoping that we by Old Year's Night can declare the world's most northern hackerspace a-go.

Further information on hackerspaces is available on The thoughts and ideals behind Grill-bit will be published and updated on the site as time passes and the hackerspace evolves.