1. Maila med:
    Ditt för och efternamn
    – internetnickname (för att skilja ut dig från andra med samma namn)
    – Adress
    – Telefonnr
    – Födelsedatum
    – Kön (M/K/O).
  2. Betala in medlemsavgiften:
    Clearing: 8420-2
    Kontonummer: 914 095 031-3
    pris: 100 SEK för personer 26år och äldre
    pris: 50 SEK för alla under 26
    Skriv ditt nickname och året du betalar för som info för överföringen.
  3. Du får ett bekräftelsemail om att du är medlem!
    Du är nu tillagd till vår mailinglista och kommer få info om vad vi håller på med.
  4. Kom förbi i vår lokal och hitta på roliga saker!


  1. Email with your:
    – internet nickname
    – adress
    – phone
    – date of birth
    – gender (male/female/neither)
  2. Pay the membership fee to our Swedish bank account:
    Clearing: 8420-2
    Account: 914 095 031-3
    pris: 100 SEK för personer 26år och äldre
    pris: 50 SEK för alla under 26
    Write your nickname and the year you are paying for in the transaction message.
  3. Get an Email from us saying that you are registered.
  4. You are now added to the mailinglist that will tell you about the cool things happening in umeHack.
  5. Also do cool things and come hang with us!

Welcome and thank you!

: om du inte har pengar att betala medlemsavgiften – skriv det i mailet så ser vi till att lösa din medlemsavgift ändå. / If you do not have the money to pay for membership tell us in the email and we will accept you as a member free of charge. OBS


  1. Junaid Mohsin skriver:


    My name is Junaid and I currently live in Umeå. I am very much interested in being a part of HackerSpace Umeå.

    Best Regards,

    • Tomas skriver:

      Excellent! Just follow the instructions above, or pop by whenever we’re open and we should be able to sort things out :)

  2. franksemi skriver:

    Seams like a cool small hackerspace you have there, nice projects.

    Being so north perhaps you should build an aurora monitor, its quite simple:


    • Tomas skriver:

      Sounds interesting. We have a few people interested in radio related things in our space. An early warning system would be useful to them, especially since we live relatively far up north. I’m not quite sure how it’s supposed to work though, since usually these things are based around a magnetic loop connected to a sound card, picking up signals in the audible range. I don’t really see any real hardware in the build instructions linked from the Thingiverse page. The code doesn’t seem to indicate any kind of hardware that would be expected for something like this either..

  3. Daniella skriver:

    Hej hej, I am starting a research about credit cards and the technology behind them. It will be very helpful if I can have a chat with you, is it possible to pass by today? have a nice day.


    • MMN-o skriver:

      Hi Daniella! I replied to you via email. You’re very welcome to stop by and hopefully someone has some knowledge that can be useful, or at least an idea on how to get hold of it or maybe answer questions you have :)


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