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Some doings, plans, and developments

The board of Umeå Hackerspace actually performed its function (to the surprise of many),  and held a meeting, laid some plans, and actually did something vaguely related to same.

Specifically, there is now a way to give us money (yay!), namely through Bankgiro 742-4690, meaning that we will soon begin collecting membership fees, and thus have some money to spend on our projects! See the organisation page for details.

Further, there is going to be a small party at the space for the release of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal on the evening of the 28th of April. Bring some Ubuntu cola and come eat CAKE, woo!

Plans are proceeding on a bunch of RFID related projects, both in relation to Länstrafiken and to Bostaden. It is quite remarkable how an at least somewhat secure method (regular metal keys) is being supplanted by, in effect, a proven-to-be insecure method (RFID tags) for various reasons. Even more remarkable is that this is said to be done for security reasons. Oh well, money talks, I suppose, as well as shiny high tech sales people.

Hacking your CD rack for science!

Given that culture is no longer stored as a plastic disc, there’s really no good reason to keep the old racks in your livingroom. But throwing stuff in the bin never feels quite right. Thus, the best solution is to simply renew the functionality of your hardware.

A creative hacker in Umeå Hackerspace figured that her test tubes ought to be stored more conveniently. A couple of minutes later using the space’s metal hacksaw, pliers and imagination, the wall-mountable test tube rack was taking form.